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Qi Gong 


Forest Flow Qi Gong courses consist of a range of traditional and modern Qi Gong forms, tools, and self-empowerment techniques.

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Luke is a Martial Arts Sports Coach, Fitness Instructor, Qi Gong and Yoga teacher who has devoted his life to learning and teaching fundamental tools and strategies to live a joyous and fulfilled life despite the pressures placed upon us in our modern communities. As humans, we each need various tools and techniques to counter-balance the effects of everyday living whilst remaining integrated with our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual natures. This workshop explores the value of self-responsibility, self-sufficiency, and how to connect to the natural world to support our health.


Developing a daily practice empowers the individual to feel more resilient, mindful and optimistic. Using a combination of Eastern and Western philosophies and techniques, the students will be given the opportunity for reflection, open discussions, embodiment practices, including breathwork and some fun training challenges.

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Sun Circles

The value of coming together as men can be experienced on the night as the energy is live, spontaneous, and supported. By reflecting on our patterns as a tool for growth we are able to embrace the next month with optimism and clarity.

Music, embodiment practices, Qi Gong, talking circle, basic astrology, self-development activities, and comradery

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Reiki is a powerful healing method that assists people to move beyond obstacles of a mental, physical, emotional and spiritual nature.

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